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This website is Generated by Love.





What does “GENERATED by LOVE” mean?

I met Tony Hsieh a few years ago.  As the CEO of Zappos, he invited me to take a tour of his company facility.  I took him up on this offer.  Everywhere were signs with the service mark “Powered By Service.”  It is true; Zappos is powered by excellent customer service.     

Seeing the Zappos Powered By Service” sign became the brainchild that generated the idea for “Generated By Love.”   So, thanks Tony!

Jeff Crites writes on the Consumer Passion blog, “I’ve become enamored with Zappos! Lately…  My business crush is partly due to their slogan Powered By Service...”

Even in Jeff’s example, he uses love words “enamored” and “crush.”

What if everything you did was ““Generated By LOVE” and you lived your life by these words?  That intention alone would make all the difference in the world.

So, when you see in the footer of websites, blogs, web pages, or on social media pages on the internet, whether you are looking at a computer screen or some other electronic device like a mobile phone and you see the words “GENERATED by LOVE” you’ll know you are on a webpage that is part of the vision for the global transformation of love.  The future of love is lovematism.

The intention behind GENERATED by LOVE is to bring into being the passion of sharing love.  To create attraction and to construct attachments of a love relationship site on the world wide web.   It is the conceptual convergence of seeing eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart in our personal and business relationships.  Being on the “same page” so to speak. 

Ideally, we are continuously generating our actions, words, and even our thoughts with love. So go forth and create the intention to "Generate with Love."  This webpage has been generated by love for your pleasure. Thank you for being here. 

Some definitions for the words "generate" and "love" from:  http://www.thefreedictionary.com


gen·er·ate tr.v. gen·er·at·ed, gen·er·at·ing, gen·er·ates


a. To bring into being; give rise to: generate a discussion.

b. To produce as a result of a chemical or physical process: generate heat.

2. To engender (offspring); procreate*.

3. Mathematics To form (a geometric figure) by describing a curve or surface.

4. Computer Science To produce (a program) by instructing a computer to follow given parameters with a skeleton program.

5. Linguistics To construct (a sentence, for example), as in generative grammar.


love n.

1. A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.

2. A feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance.

3. a. Sexual passion.

b. Sexual intercourse.

c. A love affair.

4. An intense emotional attachment, as for a pet or treasured object.

5. A person who is the object of deep or intense affection or attraction; beloved. Often used as a term of endearment.

6. An expression of one's affection: Send him my love.

7. a. A strong predilection or enthusiasm: a love of language.

b. The object of such an enthusiasm: The outdoors is her greatest love.

8. Love Mythology Eros or Cupid.

9. often Love Christianity Charity.

10. Sports A zero score in tennis.


To beget and conceive (offspring); reproduce.

2. To produce or create; originate.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:  Are you a student of love?  What is the future of love? Do you know real love dynamics? What are the 5 Love Dynamics? Do you know how to fill the love bucket of your lover?



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